President's Message

Dear ISPPD members,
It is indeed an honour for me to occupy the position of President of the prestigious Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry;an organization which has a proud past and an exciting, promising and a bright future.

As I refer to the proud past,I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our founder members of the society;the great stalwartswho built a society of this magnitude. Not only was their guidance and leadershipsteady, assured and pragmatic but primarily, they had a clear vision for the changes that our society needed. Now, we have a renewed organization built on a healthy foundation, stronger vision and future strategies to suit the present times.

As a President of this prominent society, I would like to appeal to all the life members to be bound together not only by ISPPD but also work diligently for the welfare of our profession and children of our society.What lies ahead of us is the supreme purpose of improving the oral health status of children in India.

It is my duty to have a clear vision for the society which would benefit each and every life member as well as contribute towards the growth of our society.

  • Strengthening the society by increasing number of life members of the society.
  • Creatinga list of all Pediatric Dentists trained in India (Directory).
  • Developing patient management software which a Pediatric Dentist can subscribe from ISPPD.
  • Creating a job portal on our website for Pediatric Dentists in India.
  • Starting a certificate course on Pediatric Dental practice management which would be essential in transforming Clinical Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Better networking with dental industry to create an enhanced perception about Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Formulating and implementing Indian Board of Pediatric Dentistry which would raise the standard of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry in India.
  • Increasing privileges for Life members of ISPPD.

In conclusion,I pledge to serve our society at all times in a spirit of fidelity and commitment to the common good,always in accordance with the purpose and principles of ISPPD.

Any suggestions and advice, grievances please communicate to the Head Office for prompt and surreal action. We are available and approachable 24/7.

On a personal note my humble respect to my teacher Prof. Shobha Tandon, who groomed me to what I am today, my seniors, mentors,juniors, students forever thankful. Never ending support from my family and dear friends. I thank almighty for blessings.

Jai Hind!! Jai ISPPD!! .

Dr.Radhika Muppa

President ISPPD (2022-2023).


Dr.Radhika Muppa
President, ISPPD