Type of Membership

Types of Membership

A person shall be eligible to be a member of the Society, if he/she holds a postgraduate qualification i.e. MDS in Pedodontics (Pediatric) and Preventive Dentistry and also registered under Dentists Act 1948, Schedule I and III.

a) Life Member: Any member who wishes to become a life member of the society should hold a qualification as mentioned above & pay one-time membership fee as fixed by the Executive Council.

b) Student Member: The Postgraduate students at various Dental Institutions of India studying in Pedodontics (Pediatric) & Preventive Dentistry (MDS) shall be entitled to be enrolled as student members.

c) Associate Member: The associate member shall be a person with postgraduate qualification in any other allied Dental or Medical discipline, who has sufficient interest in the specialty in furthering the aims and objectives of the Society.

d) Affiliate Member: Those persons who have postgraduate qualification in other dental subjects and are full time teachers in Pedodontics (pediatric) & Preventive Dentistry for at least five years, who are not living in India or those who have obtained post graduate qualification in Pediatric dentistry from other countries (Indian and foreigners both) and are interested in the aims and objectives of the Indian Society of Pedodontics (Pediatric) & Preventive Dentistry can apply for affiliate membership.

e) Honorary Member: Any individual who has made significant contribution through research and service to the cause of dentistry in general and the care of children in particular, shall be entitled to be enrolled as Honorary Member of the Society with the approval of the Executive Council.

f) Charter Member: The ordinary or student members, who have filled the enrollment forms and paid the dues within three months of the 1st meeting of Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry held on 25th November, 1979 shall be designated as Charter Members. They will not have any special privileges other than the ordinary or student members.