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The Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry (ISPPD) is a national society specifically concerned with the oral health of children in India. It aims to improve oral health in children and encourage the highest standards of clinical care. ISPPD has over 2000 Pediatric Dentists as life members.

The emblem of the society is based on the famous triad of Keyes (1960). One circle represents the tooth, the other the bacteria and the third diet. The shaded area of inter-section of the circles represents dental caries. The Stress given is that for caries to develop all the three factors are essential; caries cannot occur if one factor is missing

Incidentally, this area of inter section of circles takes the form of Triangles. The triangle connotes two aspects

it represents delta, which is the sign of dentistry,

it depicts the pedodontic triangle as given by Wright (1975).

The three corners of triangles are indicative of (a) Child, (b) Mother (parent) and (c) Dentist. This triangle represents 1:2 transaction for the management of children.

Dr. B.R. Vacher
Father Of Indian Pediatric Dentistry
(21/2/1921 - 1/3/2012)

The top circle of keys in the emblem carries symbols of the emblem of the Indian dental Association ( IDA ) - Staff of Aesculpius with wings of serpents encircling around it. The staff of Aesculpius stands of captor of authority and represents the professional authority of association. The serpents show the power of healing since serpents ages back have been used for healing. Hippocrates adopted this symbol and we have adopted it with two serpents entwined around the staff in opposite directions. The wings on the staff represents the spread of knowledge. The wings have 6 small and 3 large divisions as in the IDA emblem.

The Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry has been formed on the firm belief that "Every child has a fundamental right to his total oral health". The Society has an obligation to fulfill this faith.

Aims & Objectives

  • The Society is formed on the firm belief that “Every child in India has a fundamental right to total oral health”. Every member of the Dental profession in general and Pedodontists in particular have an obligation to uphold this right.
  • The Society shall have the solemn responsibility towards the maintenance of positive dental health of the children through prevention, involvement of the community and through other necessary measures to achieve this objective.
  • The Society shall make an endeavor to provide suitable medium for honoring the commitment it has so sacredly undertaken.
  • The Society shall be responsible for improvement of education, research and delivery of Oralhealth care in the field of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry and shall extend cooperation or collaborate with any individual, group or organization,national or international, with similar ideas, ideals and objectives.

Theme / Slogan of the year :-  "Save 20 in 2020"