E-News Letter


ISPPD started publishing e-newsletter from the month of February 2015. Aim of this to newsletter is to inform all the members of the society regarding recent programms held under aegis of ISPPD. New letter also contains information regarding forthcoming programms. The news letter will be re-started again w.e.f from Jan 2019

News Letter-"SmileTimes.Pedo" October-December 2021

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Special edition of SmileTimes Pedo on COVID-19 pandemic 2020

News Letter-"SmileTimes.Pedo" January-March 2020

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Editorial Board


Dr. Sudhindra Baliga M


Vice Dean
Sharad Pawar Dental College,
Wardha, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Sharath Asokan

Assistant Editor

Professor and Head,
KSR Institute of Dental Science & Research,
Tamil Nadu

Dr. Sadanand Kulkarni

Assistant Editor

Professor and Head,
Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry,